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Retirement Planning

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We look at what you want your retirement to be….
If you are retiring, semi-retiring or just planning your future retirement learn how to thrive on your journey into retirement and your new future

“Create the great life rather than settle for just a good life”
Do you want a happy, fulfilling and enjoyable retirement with purpose and direction or are you looking for new challenges by taking your life in a completely different direction?

Our courses will enable you to work through all areas of your future life planning in a friendly and engaging environment.

Our experienced coach will guide you through the choices and key decisions that you will need to make to enjoy a vibrant and balanced retirement.  Our resident Independent Financial advisor will also be on hand for questions around your financial future.

Why is it important?
Many of us have the opportunity to retire earlier and we are living longer. With the potential for more leisure time or the opportunity to start a new business, change career or simply take a new direction in life the possibilities are endless……

Your retirement is one of the most important and potentially most rewarding changes in your life and we believe it’s important that you get what you want from it. With
significant changes taking place in every aspect of your life, nothing is more
important than good planning for your new lifestyle.

Our retirement course will focus on your retirement and help you to avoid pitfalls.

Our courses will help you to:
• Get ready for the lifestyle change
• Decide what things to take from your previous lifestyle into your new lifestyle and     ..also what not to take….
• Decide what is most important to you and explore all the options available.• Create balance in your retirement between the different areas of your life, work, …family, relationships, leisure, recreation
• Identify gaps in your retirement planning and set new goals and objectives as you …move forward
• Have the retirement you want and not the one others may want you to have!
• Learn how not to let a good life hold up a great life.

Who would benefit?
Anyone who has or is about to retire, is thinking about retirement, has been on a retirement course and wants to re-fresh their goals or simply someone who needs to make a transition to a new or different life. Spouses are very welcome to attend.“This has been such an eye-opener and given me such a lot of inspiration and ideas for my future life”
“I could feel my apprehension melting away as the sessions went on – such a worthwhile use of my time!”
“We can’t wait to get started on our New Lifestyle!”



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