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Skylite has extensive experience of working in partnership with organisations across all sectors, to provide support for change.  Our programmes are designed to help organisations, leaders and individuals understand and embrace change, explore the impact it is having on them and develop personal strategies to effectively manage it.
We have a range of inter-active Master-classes that can be provided as a series of ongoing bookable events for your staff.

Here we have provided a few examples that may suit your current needs. Each Master-class is delivered by one of our field experts.

Coaching in the workplace course

Go one step further beyond coaching your staff and create your own coaching culture.

Not all managers want or need to be a professionally accredited coach, to make the greatest difference in an organisation.  We provide basic coach training for leaders to help them become a “leader as coach”.

Using a simple TGROW model delegates gain confidence to coach and give essential feedback, hold courageous conversations and are ready to make coaching a part of their leadership style.  In our experience this makes a dramatic difference in the productivity, happiness and success of teams.

The benefits of coaching culture within your organisation:

  • It empowers individuals and encourages them to take responsibility, increasing employee and staff engagement and performance.
  • It helps identify strengths and development opportunities for individuals, developing high potential employees.
  • It ensures your team feel motivated and empowered.

Leading People Through Change

The masterclass uses a mix of presentation and breakout room practice, the programme takes participants through a laddered set of approaches and tools, tried and tested via global academic research and underpinned by positive psychology and neuroscience theory.

During this Masterclass, participants will gain an understanding of the key skills and capabilities required to:

  • Effectively lead change and help their teams deal with the continuous changes taking place.
  • With a focus on how to support and influence people through transition, participants will consider the way change affects each individual member of their team.
  • The agenda will cover how to identify where people are in the change cycle and tailor the support provided to ensure it meets their personal needs.
  • During the Master-class participants will receive guidance on developing strategies and action plans to support their team and effectively lead them through change.

Managing Agile Teams

Effective leadership which is agile and flexible is a requirement in today’s business environment. If you want to adapt and overcome today’s challenges work with us.

  • Managing remote teams effectively.
  • Best practice for keeping your teams engaged.
  • Bring your attention to activities you might not have considered.
  • Perception & Communication.

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