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Outplacement coaching is a specialist support service drafted in when organisations undergo drastic restructuring. Corporate restructuring usually happens when organisations run into financial difficulties and can no longer afford to operate in the same way. Undoubtedly, this is an emotional time for everyone involved – from the people who no longer have jobs, to those given the unpleasant task of managing the cuts and often for those left behind.

To understand the role of outplacement coaching during corporate restructuring, it can help to see the business as an old car in need of servicing, and outplacement coaching as the breakdown service ready to assist. Breakdown mechanics, inspect the vehicle, decide what needs to be done and to make the necessary repairs. In the context of corporate restructuring, the role of outplacement coaching is much the same.

Outplacement coaching looks after the workforce itself by providing a support structure for staff who no longer have a job, before assisting them safely to a new role by optimising their skills and employability.

During restructuring, a lot of very difficult decisions have to be made. If certain job roles or departments no longer play a part in the organisation’s vision, then the people occupying those roles have to leave. At this point, managers will begin to draw up redundancy procedures.

1. Jobs at risk – The first step in the redundancy procedure is to inform all staff that their jobs may be at risk. This alone can be a stressful time as employees are expected to go back to work as normal, despite knowing they could be out of a job at any moment.

2. Selection process – The next few months will involve numerous tense meetings and one-to-ones during which individuals will be selected for redundancy.

3. Redundancy – Once the decisions have been made, redundant staff are informed of their job loss and the terms of their redundancy (i.e. their entitlements), before leaving to find new work.

Managing restructuring can be a difficult time for leaders, who must try to keep productivity levels high throughout the selection process. Trying to keep a team focussed and effective at the same time as warning them of potential job loss can be something of a challenge.

  • Strategy planning – Addressing challenging conversations, dealing with anxiety and fear in the teams, negotiating difficult conversations and putting their own feelings aside are just a few of the planning challenges we support managers with when the time comes.
  • Preparation for bad news – This can be very stressful for leaders and coaching can help them deal with their emotional turmoil so they can be strong for their teams.
  • Leadership coaching – an agile and flexible leadership approach is needed and we can help managers rise to the challenge? Helping leaders to adjust to find the right approach with their individuals team members, showing a balance of empathy and necessity.
  • Communication skills – Coaching can prevent communication problems such as misunderstandings, personal tensions and passive aggressive behaviour happening making difficult situation untenable.
    Coaching can help leaders deal with the inevitable emotional side of corporate restructuring so they can deal with matters as fairly as possible without letting feelings get in the way.

The main purpose of outplacement coaching is to help former staff move swiftly out of the restructured organisation and into alternative work. We can help clients deal with the emotional impact of job loss, the stress of change and the transition process itself.

Outplacement coaching after being made redundant varies but a typical services includes access to a series of interactive webinars:

Career coaching

Career coaching is about looking at what you want. What motivates you? What sparks your passion and gets you feeling enthusiastic? Your redundancy could be a great excuse to make a complete career change. Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? During a career coaching session you will be encouraged to think analytically about your situation so you can come away with a clear objective for moving forward.

LinkedIn Build your personal brand

Once you know what you want, it’s time to implement a plan for getting there. In order to attract potential employers, you will need to build your personal brand. This essentially means devising a unique selling point, or USP, for yourself. What can you offer? Why should someone employ you? Networking is important when you’re looking for a new job – knowing the right people could open up opportunities you’d otherwise completely miss. In our webinar we will show you the skills for successful networking,

CV preparation

When searching for employment, your CV is your most important asset. A CV which helps you stand out from the crowd -could be the gateway to the perfect job. Our outplacement webinar will help you with CV preparation by providing professional advice on what your CV should look like, include and what needs to be included in complete detail.

Interview preparation

With an excellent CV, your chances of getting an interview should increase. During interview preparation, your outplacement webinar will help you.

Prepare questions and answer. Get in the right mindset. Appear confident and capable. Know what to expect and prepare as fully as possible

The coaching and support of an outplacement team can help your teams during an incredibly stressful time

We have extensive experience as an outplacement provider.
We offer up-to-date knowledge of job-searching and recruitment.
Our coaches have a high level of coaching qualification, or membership with a professional body

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