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Money Management

Tony Lippett – Skylite Career Coach

Getting your finances in order is a perfect way to reduce one aspect of daily stress, so you know where you are financially, at any given time.

With so much turmoil in the world at the moment, there has never been a better time to take control of your personal finances. Start to plan ahead and budget with your money to avoid the unexpected surprises that catch you unawares!  So many people have cleared debt during lockdown. It’s important though to put the foundations in place to avoid a rerun, when the world returns to normal, and the shops and restaurants reopen fully.

Financial Management

Financial management is about discipline, planning and monitoring. It should be incorporated into the running of every household. We can take you through what is needed to prepare a budget, closely examining income and expenditure, and breaking things down to essential and non essential spending.

Detailed Planning

There has to be detailed planning to keep to any budget constraints, with an element of planning ahead, emphasising the importance of looking long term to avoid future shocks that will destroy all your hard work. Things like Christmas or birthdays that come up every year, but often get overlooked despite the substantial costs associated with these family events.

Financial Resources

Various websites can help. It’s worth checking out a computer search on “money comparison sites” for helpful hints and tips to reduce your overheads and get a better deal than what you are currently paying. It is also worth checking out, which has all the government websites in one place, including advice on any benefits you may be entitled to.

Money isn’t Complicated

Money isn’t complicated, it’s actually very simple.  Like everything worthwhile, it just needs some time and effort spent on it.  Getting your finances in order is a perfect way of reducing one aspect of daily stress so you know where you are financially at any given time.

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